Pet Dental Care

Pet dental care from Old Peachtree Animal Clinic in Duluth, GA is an important part of your pet's overall health. You should have a dental checkup for your pet on a once-per-year schedule unless your veterinarian suggests otherwise. This allows your vet to identify any potential problems early, so that your pet can receive proper treatment. Make sure your pets have clean and healthy teeth!


The Pet Dental Exam

Your veterinarian at Old Peachtree Animal Clinic will conduct a full exam of your pet's teeth and gums during a dental checkup. Your vet might suggest X-rays to determine if there are any problems with teeth beneath the gumline. Your pet might also be sedated for a dental tooth cleaning procedure.

What the Pet Dental Exam Checks For

Your pet will receive a thorough dental exam at Old Peachtree Animal Clinic. Your veterinarian will check for broken or missing teeth, swollen or bleeding gums, bad breath, signs of plaque buildup, and other common issues that pets may have. If your pet has been chewing his food in an abnormal way or has a reduced appetite, this can be a sign that he has a problem with his teeth or gums. 

Common Pet Dental Problems

Although cavities are not usually a problem with pets, they can suffer many of the other types of dental issues that impact people. Most dogs and cats, for example, will start to show early signs of periodontal disease (gum disease) by the time they're around age three. Periodontal disease can cause a lot of problems for pets as they age, especially if it goes untreated. This can include kidney, liver and heart problems. Pets can also sustain broken teeth or tooth roots, abscessed teeth that may require extraction, cysts or tumors in the mouth, and additional problems that your vet will check for.

Pet Dental Treatments and Anesthesia

A pet dental exam can usually be conducted without anesthesia. However, any treatments beyond the checkup, from teeth cleaning to tooth extraction, will likely require anesthesia. Pets do not understand that the veterinarian is trying to help them and won't lie still for more involved dental treatments. They'll instead try to escape or bite someone if they feel threatened. For this reason, your pet will be given anesthesia so that they can sleep through the procedure and come out on the other side safer and healthier. Depending on your pet's age, he or she might require some additional exams or bloodwork, to ensure that the anesthesia can be used as safely as possible.

Schedule a Pet Dental Appointment in Duluth, GA

If it's time for your annual pet dental checkup, give us a call to schedule an appointment at (770) 545-8077. In addition, if you think your pet is showing any signs of having problems with their teeth, be sure to contact Old Peachtree Animal Clinic as soon as possible.


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