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Pet Wellness Exams from Old Peachtree Animal Clinic

Pet wellness is something we take seriously at Old Peachtree Animal Clinic in Duluth, GA. The better you understand the importance of annual wellness exams and what to expect during the examination process, the more comfortable you will be when trusting our veterinarian to examine and protect your precious pet. Here’s what you need to know about the pet wellness examination process.

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Physical Examination

This is an essential part of the vet care process. Since pets cannot answer questions that would aid in the examination process, your veterinarian will have to conduct a thorough physical examination of your pet’s body, head, tail, limbs, etc. along with its internal cavities. One of those internal examination involves dental care. It is likely your veterinarian will conduct a thorough cleaning of your pet’s teeth in addition to examining its mouth for tooth loss, lose teeth, and signs of gum disease.

Your veterinarian may also request stool samples, blood samples, and more to test for potential problems as well. Even if you’ve had your pet on yearlong heartworm prevention, your vet may also test for heartworms during this treatment in case something has gone wrong along the way. It’s always wise to test for heartworms at least once a year, even with effective heartworm prevention.

Health History Questions for Owners

Since animals cannot speak for themselves, it is up to owners to answer a variety of health questions concerning your dog. You are the best option for helping your pet get the best, most accurate vet care possible. Among the questions you may ask are questions about:

  • Diet and appetite. Particularly recent changes.
  • Urination and voiding. Frequency and habits.
  • Physical changes.
  • Behavior and behavioral changes.
  • Mood swings your pet may exhibit.
  • Medications your pet is currently taking.

It helps if pet owners keep a journal with this type of information so they can share it with their vets during annual wellness exams. The answers to these questions can be instrumental in identifying the first signs of significant illnesses and the need for further testing. It is especially important when it comes to early detection.

Contact Old Peachtree Animal Clinic in Duluth, GA, with all your questions about regular vet care, the process, the procedures, and how important it is for the health and wellness of your pet today, and as your pet ages. Our staff is happy to help put your mind at ease about our pet wellness exams and any other services we offer.


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