Services Provided by Old Peachtree Animal Clinic

When you’re in need of a variety of veterinary services for your pet, Old Peachtree Animal Clinic in Duluth, GA, is the name you need to know. We offer many services to keep your pet healthy and happy so you can give the pets you love the life they so richly deserve. These are among the top services we offer.

Urgent Care Services

Accidents and injuries happen. We offer a wide range of urgent care services to accommodate and treat pets that have wandered into unknown or dangerous territory, such as dogs that have chased porcupines or cats that have been a bit too curious. Even serious conditions like bloat can be seen quickly through our urgent care services. We treat all these situations and more with our urgent care services, even offering veterinarian care for serious injuries.

Wellness Examinations and Preventative Treatment

We understand that your pet is your best friend. In some cases, your pet is family. We work with you to ensure that your pet is healthy, gets plenty of exercise, eats a healthy diet, and receives excellent veterinarian care. We also want to make sure your pet has a healthy start in life and to work with you as your pet grows and ages to ensure that your pet has every opportunity to thrive. This includes preventative care and treatments, such as:

  • Heartworm prevention and, if necessary, treatment.
  • Annual wellness examinations.
  • Flea and tick preventative treatments.

All services are performed by our caring team of animal lovers who will go out of their way to keep your pets healthy and happy during each and every visit.

Pet Surgeries

Our experienced veterinarians perform many different pet surgeries designed to restore your pet to optimal health as quickly as possible.

Pet Dermatology

Pets, especially dogs, are extremely vulnerable to infections from scratching, dietary imbalances, and allergy irritations to the skin. We can help pet owners restore a pet’s skin health by addressing underlying causes and helping dog owners put an end to the itching and scratching.

Pet Dental Care

Pets today need routine dental care to maintain optimal health, to eliminate inflammation, to prevent tooth loss, and to avoid unnecessary pain.

Boarding and Grooming

Keep your pets safe and comfortable when you have to be away with our boarding services and looking their best with our grooming services. These may not be essential veterinary services in the eyes of everyone, but can make a world of difference for your pet. Especially with routine nail trimming for nervous pets.

Contact Old Peachtree Animal Clinic in Duluth, GA, today for more information about the many services we offer, including those listed above and many, many more. Give us a call at 770-545-8077 to learn more or to schedule an appointment.


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