Old Peach Tree Animal Clinic

When your pet and best furry friend needs help or just plain needs a good preventative check to know everything’s okay, Old Peachtree Animal Clinic is the place to go.

Scheduling an Appointment

You don’t have to worry about missed phone calls, being kept on hold, or someone losing your information written down in hurry. Old Peachtree Animal Clinic manages all appointments on a digital platform for accuracy and immediate tracking.

Remember, if you are dealing with a pet emergency situation, don’t wait for an appointment. Bring your furry loved one in immediately for critical help. Try to call as before arriving so a staff member can be ready and waiting for you to come in and address your pet’s needs immediately.

Urgent Care Services

Animals will be animals, and they don’t always behave in what we would consider the smartest, self-preserving behavior. In addition, they have a bad habit of getting into scraps with other animals. That combination is going to produce injuries and conditions that need immediate care. Old Peachtree Animal Clinic has both a licensed veterinarian as well as support personnel available and ready six out seven days a week to respond.  Your pet doesn’t need to be in critical status to get urgent care help. Serious injuries needing immediate help can be accommodated as well. On your arrival our team will help and find a way to get you seen by an expert.

Veterinary Services Provided by Old Peachtree Animal Clinic

  • Wellness Exams – Prevention is far easier to manage and address than responding to a serious condition once it happens. Wellness exams are key aspect of pet care, and ensure pets are getting the right health care, diet, and exercise needed to stay healthy for their species and age.
  • Pet Surgery – Many different forms of pet surgery are provided by our experienced veterinarians.
  • Pet Dental – Just like wellness exams, good pet dental monitoring is essential. Pets need their teeth to eat as well as interact with their environment. Good pet dental care helps them keep their teeth as long as possible.
  • Pet Dermatology – A pet’s skin is just as vulnerable to infection as a human’s is. When pets scratch to stop an itch, they may end up opening their skin to an infection. A pet’s skin is also a clear sign of diet imbalance as well. We examine your pets for all possible abnormalities, ensuring that they get the treatments they need.
  • Boarding – We provide boarding services as well. Your pet will be safe, fed, and well-cared for while you’re away if you board them with us.
  • Grooming – Keeping your pet clean and groomed isn’t quite healthcare per se, but it contributes to a pet’s comfort. Overgrown nails and dirty fur allow problems to occur, and that does create health problems eventually.

We see all types of dogs and cats in our Duluth, GA, practice, so don’t hesitate to bring in your best friend. Let’s build a long-term relationship caring for your pet. We also have discounted services to make sure senior citizens and animal help groups can get the quality veterinary care they need. Don’t hesitate to call us for more details and information.


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